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Present tense lasts no time thereof
the past is where most humans dwell.
Future times all unknown, only love
is in this very moment, so farewell.


What's past is truly fled away
with memories burnished golden.
Tomorrow is what we did today
the future is our shared unknown.

by John Brooke ©


I asked the moon, why do you shine?
She reflected before answering me.

What is a rainbow I asked the clouds?
Their reply was completely nebulous.

Why is the sky blue? I asked the sun?
An answer dawned on me before he spoke.

Why do we dream, I asked the mountain?
The mountain remained silently unmovable.

Do only oysters make pearls I ask the ocean?
The tides rose in answer to my question.

Where does ASA come from, I asked the trees?
The willows barked in reply to my headache.

Life after death, I asked a black hole?
Politely I received a weighty reply.

Now I ask you …

By John Brooke ©

03/31/08 117 words 35 lines


Onyx horizon blends to sapphire
Splits lapis lazuli sky from sea.
Foreshore all dancing emeralds,
Rolls bubbling pearls onto beach.
In between scrambling topaz, ruby,
amethyst waves mix into vermilion.
Diamond sparklers top each wave tip.
Your million dollar view, for free.

by John Brooke ©

Publishe East Capers Magazine spring 2008

2/18/08 44 words 10 lines